Excel VBA教程:AutoShowRange属性

如果指定数据透视表字段自动显示首项,则返回 xlTop;如果自动显示末项,则返回 xlBottom。Long 类型,只读。

Excel VBA教程:AutoShowRange属性·示例

本示例在消息框中显示“Salesman”字段的 AutoShow参数值。

With Worksheets(1).PivotTables(1).PivotFields("salesman")
    If .AutoShowType = xlAutomatic Then
        r = .AutoShowRange
        If r = xlTop Then
            rn = "top"
            rn = "bottom"
        End If
        MsgBox "PivotTable report is showing " & rn & " " & _
            .AutoShowCount & " items in " & .Name & _
            " field by " & .AutoShowField
        MsgBox "PivotTable report is not using AutoShow for this field"
    End If
End With

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Excel VBA教程:AutoShowRange属性

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