FrontPage VBA教程:ListFieldCounter对象




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使用 ListFieldCounter对象


Sub ListCounterFields()
'Displays the name of counter fields in the current list
    Dim objApp As FrontPage.Application
    Dim objField As ListField
    Dim strType As String
    Dim blnFound As Boolean
    blnFound = False
    Set objApp = FrontPage.Application
    If Not ActiveWeb.Lists Is Nothing Then
        For Each objField In objApp.ActiveWeb.Lists.Item(0).Fields
            'Check if it is a computed field of type fpFieldFile
            If objField.Type = fpFieldCounter Then
                blnFound = True
                If strType = "" Then
                    'Create new string
                    strType = objField.Name & vbCr
                    'Add next field name to string
                    strType = strType & objField.Name & vbCr
                End If
            End If
        Next objField
        If blnFound = True Then
            MsgBox "The names of the fields in this list are: " & _
                    vbCr & strType
            MsgBox "There are no counter fields in the list."
        End If
        'Otherwise display message to user
        MsgBox "The current web contains no lists."
    End If
End Sub

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FrontPage VBA教程:ListFieldCounter对象

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